How does Crypto CFDs trading work?

How does Crypto CFDs trading work?

When you trade Cryptocurrency CFDs, you don’t own the underlying asset. Crypto CFDs are traded in pairs, which means that you speculate on the price of the base currency rising or falling against the quote currency. CronoMarkets offers Cryptocurrency pairs where the base currency is a Cryptocurrency and the quote currency is a fiat currency (e.g LTC/USD). If your prediction is correct, you make a profit, which is the difference between your order’s opening and closing price.

Why Trade Cryptocurrency CFDs with CronoMarkets?

CronoMarkets offers 13 Crypto pairs that you can trade with a leverage of up to 1:25. Cryptocurrency CFDs trading is the easiest way to enter this exciting market as don’t need a crypto-wallet and you pay no transaction fees as you would do with physical Cryptocurrency trading.
Additionally, you run no risk of losing your money due to malicious attacks as it sometimes happens with crypto-exchanges.

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